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We are a new production house founded in memory of our beloved late Smt. Gulab Padmanabhasa Khoday and we are passionate about bringing stories to life on the big screen.


Gulab Productions could provide casting services for films, helping to find the right actors to bring the script to life.


Once the filming is complete, Gulab Productions could offer post-production services.


 Gulab Productions could offer scriptwriting services to help clients develop their film concepts into fully fleshed-out scripts.

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Who We Are

Discover Our Story: Unleashing Creativity and Passion.

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Our Story: Learn about the history and inspiration behind Gulab Productions. From its humble beginnings as a tribute to our late founder’s grandmother, to our current mission to create impactful films that entertain and inspire audiences, discover how we got here.
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Meet the Team: Our talented team is made up of passionate individuals who bring their unique skills and perspectives to every project. Get to know the faces behind Gulab Productions, from our producers to our actors, and learn more about the talent that drives our success.