Behind the Scenes: Making of Streets of Bengaluru – A Debut Short Film by Gulab Productions

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of our debut short film, Streets of Bengaluru. Join us as we take you through the making of the film, sharing insights, anecdotes, and experiences that went into bringing our vision to life. From casting to production design, from direction to post-production, we give you an inside perspective on the creative process that drives us at Gulab Productions.

Gulab Productions, a new production house in the Kannada film industry, has launched their debut short film titled “Streets of Bengaluru.” The film follows the journey of three young and talented boys who dream of becoming superstars in the industry.

The film is produced by K.R. Krishna (Nikhil) and directed by Preetham Shivakumar, with a talented cast including Jaikrish, Prajwal Gowda R, and Abhilash. The story and screenplay are by Goutham A, with dialogues by Shashi Kumar V. Jeevan handled the cinematography and editing, while Nandan Srinivas composed the music and V.G. Rajen was in charge of sound design. H U Darshan captured the stills and Prajval Urs was the colorist. Deepa Baraati and Gubbi (Kannada rapper) wrote the lyrics, while Prathi Sinnu lent her voice to the songs. The direction team included Darshan Shinde, Kiran Parvatisuta, Sandeep Kundadri, and Manikanth A.

The male lead actor of the film is a very young and talented newcomer to the industry, making his debut with “Streets of Bengaluru.” The film tells the story of the challenges he and his two friends face in pursuing their dreams of becoming stars in the Kannada film industry. The film has been made with the blessings of Bhagwan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri and Sri Vinay guruji.

Gulab Productions was launched in memory of the founder’s beloved grandmother, late Smt. Gulab Padmanabhasa Khoday. The production house’s vision is to create meaningful and entertaining content that resonates with the audience. They are committed to bringing fresh and innovative stories to the Kannada film industry.

The blog post will delve deeper into the making of “Streets of Bengaluru,” including behind-the-scenes anecdotes, challenges faced by the cast and crew, and insights into the filmmaking process. It will also explore the themes and messages of the film and how it reflects the production house’s vision. Overall, “Streets of Bengaluru” is a dream come true for Gulab Productions, and the blog post will share the journey of how this dream was realized.